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A senior official in Bulgaria’s minority ABV party, has recently made an extraordinary claim via his personal Twitter account:

The politician alleges to have information pertaining to co-operation between Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency and the Turkish security apparatus, apparently acquired via a source in Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation (Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı – MİT).

He goes on to claim that following a secret meeting between the director of Mossad (Yossi Cohen) and the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey (Synyrly Davutoglu), held in Sweden, the passing of Mossad experts through Turkey’s airports has increased “more than ever before”, with important Israeli officers allegedly being tasked with the reconstruction of Turkish security services.

In particular, it is suggested that the 7% growth in the human resources capacity and organisational structure of MİT over the past year has been a direct result of measures taken following consultations with Mossad experts. The Bulgarian politician implied that the alleged co-operation should be seen in the context of the terror attacks that have blighted Turkey of late, adding: “of course, the increasing of Turkish security and the decreasing of explosions and bleedings in Turkey are the certain results of these actions.”

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