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Human Rights Watch are advertising a position in their ‘Arms Division’. They say it is working with refugees. 

Sounds more like a route to send arms the FSA terrorists who are living in the refugee camps. The genuine refugees will not have any weapons, only the terrorists. Let us know what your think.

The Arms Division and Refugee Rights Program of Human Rights Watch (“HRW”) are seeking an Associate to provide administrative support to both teams. The Associate will be based in the Washington, DC office and will spend 67% of his or her time in support of the Arms Division and 33% in support of the Refugee Rights Program. This position reports to the Executive Director of the Arms Division and the Director of the Refugee Rights Program. The Arms Division and the Refugee Rights Program are part of the Program Office. The Program Office consists of regional and thematic divisions and oversees the organization’s research, reporting and various other work. The Arms Division works to ban or regulate weapons of humanitarian concern and to promote compliance with international humanitarian law by all combatants during armed conflict. The Refugee Rights Program concentrates on the protection needs and basic rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people worldwide, most fundamentally the right not to be forcibly returned to persecution or torture.