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Obama’s way of taking over Syria is to kill all the citizens, with his so called ‘moderate’ opposition.

It has now been reported that over 75 civilians have been killed in more that 7 terrorist attacks in Tartous and Jableh.

Obama funded moderate army, used suicide bombers to attack a bus station, central garage, hospital and gas station.

These monsters are not fighting ISIS or Government forces,  just innocent civilians with suicide bombers, which the US refuses to call terrorists.

When are Western Governments going to wake up and stop supporting Dictator Obama in his killing of millions of innocent people. Even though millions of refugees escaping Obama wars are flocking to Europe, which will result in a break up of the EU, Western Politicians, continue to follow this route.

We are going to see an escalation of these killings by Obama, before the US elections as he flexes his muscles of power. He will be tried for these killings along with Clinton, Bush and Blair.