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Puritanically Radical, Radically Puritanical: Saudi Arabia’s Religious Cleansing Policy Expands Through ME

“ISIS and, through ISIS, Saudi Arabia has declared war on religious pluralism to impose its own dogmatic and bigoted interpretation of Islam in the Middle East. The real crime against humanity here is being blind and deaf to it,” a religious scholar tells MintPress.

Dubbed “the fountainhead of Islamist terrorism” by Yousaf Butt, senior advisor to the British American Security Information Council, Saudi Arabia has found itself at the center of many controversies over the past year.From inspiring and supporting the Wahhabi ideology of ISIS to fuelling sectarianism in the Middle East to better assert its all-Sunni state agenda in a bid to monopolize the oil market, the kingdom appears to have enacted a disturbing religious agenda that harkens back to the 1930s, when white supremacists thought to cleanse their genetic patrimoine…

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