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John Kerry’s ancestry

The entire world has been subjected to a barrage of war-mongering propaganda against Syria by US Secretary of State John Kerry—but little known is the fact that Kerry’s family name is Kohn and that he is, by Jewish definition and Israel’s own immigration laws, a Khazar-Jew.

This fact puts the war-mongering by Kerry/Kohn into perspective, and also reveals just how deeply the Israeli/Zionist Supremacist tentacles run in the American government.

According to the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, John Kerry’s family are actually Jews whose surname was Kohn.


His paternal grandfather Frederick A. Kerry, was born Fritz Kohn in a town in what today is the Czech Republic before changing his name ahead of his immigration to the United States a century ago.

In 1868, after the death of his first wife, he moved to Bennisch (today called Horni Benesov) and married Mathilde Frankel Kohn. Benedikt and Mathilde Kohn…

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