Friends of Kosovo

by Skender Govori

A young Kosovar serving his sentence for being a member of terrorist organisations, recounts his journey to war torn Syria and back.

F.S. was locked up in prison cells, blindfolded, interrogated under constant death threats, and subjected to psychological and physical torture at the hands of terrifying enforcers of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

Now F.S. is safely home in Kosovo, where he has been convicted of participating in a terrorist organization and become a witness against other former ISIS recruits and recruiters.

He defected to Syria in February 2015 with a group of Kosovars when he was still a minor. Disillusioned and battered, he returned in May of the same year, only to face incarceration in his home country despite his insistence that he had gone to the warzone to help Syrian people and was an ISIS prisoner, and not as a fighter.


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