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With the New York Times trumpeting that Kosovo society has experienced a ‘turnabout’ against the West, we look at two myths about Kosovo and its overblown problem with radical Islam.

The spectre of hate is haunting the debate about “ISIS”, “violent extremism”, “Islamic radicalism”, and what not in Kosovo. Little space is being given to reason. When fear judges before reason, little is left to be understood. I will not argue here that there is no space for concern, but the alarm bells that are sounding are leading our understanding about the phenomenon in the wrong direction. There is a lot to be said. Given the editorial limits, I will focus on the details of two, among many, alarms raised about the “Arab invasion” of Kosovo that paradoxically have materialized only recently as reports were coming out that in the past 6-12 months no Kosovar has joined the (foreign) fight!…

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