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by Leith Fadel

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Syrian Army Pounds Al-Nusra Positions Heavily Northeast Latakia

On Tuesday, the Islamist rebel faction “Faylaq Al-Rahman,” backed by Jaysh Al-Fustat, launched a counter-offensive inside the East Ghouta region of Greater Damascus in order to reclaim the territory they lost to the Syrian Armed Forces over the last ten days. The Islamists began their offensive around noon on Tuesday, when several of their contingents stormed the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) defenses at the outskirts of Jisreen. A violent battle would ensue, resulting in the Islamist rebels seizing the Jisreen Farms and Al-Maliha Farms from the Syrian Armed Forces.

However, the Islamist rebels would made a fatal error by attempting to recapture Hatira Al-Harsh; this mistake led to the Syrian Armed Forces overwhelming the Faylaq Al-Rahman and Jaysh Al-Fustat at this village. With the Islamist attack at Hatita Al-Harsh repelled, the Syrian Armed Forces took the opportunity to use their OTR-21 Toshka missiles to pulverize the Faylaq Al-Rahman fighters inside the Jisreen and Al-Maliha farms. According to an Al-Masdar field correspondent that spoke to a soldier in the East Ghouta, the Syrian Armed Forces killed a confirmed 21 Islamists (opposition groups claim 35) , while recapturing all of their lost territory in the Jisreen area. Additionally, 3 members of Faylaq Al-Rahman were captured by the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard forces at Al-Maliha Farms.

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/rebel-offensive-turns-disastrous-east-ghouta/ | Al-Masdar News