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North American governments do not want your money getting into the hands of terrorists, they say. But according to Wall Street Journal Nov. 3, they are giving it away to them anyway. And not just a trickle of a few dollars here and there. Originally the Federal Reserve estimated the ISIS funding “oops” as an expensive mistake that cost Americans $3 billion.

They were wrong. Not that this number isn’t shocking enough, but they forgot to add an extra digit to that billion dollar mistake. Now it is estimated that the amount of money that has gone right from the US Federal Reserve into the pockets of ISIS is around $13.2 billion dollars.

Oops. An expensive mistake. But if you forget to declare your wedding gifts at the border on your way to
ISIS funded by US Federal Reserve as $13 billion goes unaccounted for in Iraq

If this isn’t the news of the day i don’t know what is, it’s blow back time and it’s going to make people even more p*ssed off than they already are. And I like many others here realise that this has been going on for well, ever. But it’s nice to see in bright print and full colour video ain’t it?

Will this head a new world war? Will the people revolt against gov’ts world wide? or Will people merely carry on with their lives denying anything is happening and everything is bliss.. This is the big question.

Opinions are Welcome.