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A Syrian flag flutters in the foreground with Damascus' Sheraton hotel  (C) and Mount Qasyun in the backgound on December 12, 2013. Iran and Saudi Arabia, which back opposite sides in Syria's war, are among more than 30 countries slated to attend a peace conference next month in Geneva, diplomats said. The so-called Geneva 2 conference, a follow-up to a 2012 meeting, is aimed at mapping out a political transition to end nearly three years of fighting that has killed more than 120,000 people and displaced millions. AFP PHOTO/ LOUAI BESHARA


Major General Deeb Zeitoon, the head of Syria’s security department, has met senior Italian officials during a clandestine visit to Italy last week, Sources disclosed.

According to the same source, the Syrian high-ranking official has flown to Italy, via Beirut airport, upon an invitation he has received earlier from Italian security officials In an interview with the Australian news channel SBS the previous day, Mr. Assad had revealed that western countries are following a policy of double standards. “This is the double standard of the West in general, “ he told Australia’s SBS news channel, “they attack us politically and they send us their officials to deal with us under the table, especially the security, including your government.” “They all do the same. They don’t want to upset the United States. Actually, most of the Western officials, they only repeat what the United States wants them to say. This is the reality”, he added.

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