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by Zen Adra

At least 15 fighters of the US-backed New Syrian Army have been killed, another one captured, in ISIS massive attack near the Syria-Jordan borders, according to the terror group’s social media account.

The attack, launched this early morning at Bir Mahrutha, enabled the jihadi militants to seize 3 SUVs, as well as heavy and medium military hardware. The fiasco is the second for the US-trained force after the swift and humiliating defeat in Al-Bukamal on the Iraqi frontiers when the NSA lost nearly 40 fighters, in addition to considerable quantities of weapons and ammunition in a failed bid to capture an ISIS-held airbase.

The United States has been struggling to find a moderate force to battle ISIS terror group. Its first $500 million train and equip program was proved a catastrophic failure. Now the US is leading a predominantly-Kurdish force to capture the ISIS-held city of Manbij.

https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/us-backed-fighters-suffer-another-setback-syria/ | Al-Masdar News