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Press TV has conducted an interview with Stewart Brennan, a political commentator from Montreal, to discuss Syria’s demand for immediate action by the United Nations against the regional and western sponsors of anti-Damascus terrorists.

A rough transcription of the interview appears below.

Press TV: Syria is concerned that certain countries are providing terrorist now with advanced weaponry in Syria. What’s your take on these countries and their western allies having no problem with equipping these militants with advanced weapons especially when these weapons are targeting civilian areas?

Brennan: Well we’ve seen US TOW missiles being used in Syria already and these are quite sophisticated weapons which require assembly in instruction and no doubt these were carried out by US Special Forces who are on record as being illegally in Syria. The promise of supplying sophisticated weapons even by John McCain is on record and you know he’s even used the fact that they would supply MANPADS to shoot down aircraft and other weapons which you know are another sophisticated weapons that they may supply as well. So, I’m not surprised at that. All the countries involved with terrorism including the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey should not only be condemned by the United Nations body for aggressive war but they should also be in The Hague standing trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Every life is precious but according to the actions of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey life does not matter to them. I find the leadership of those nations to be quite appalling quite frankly.

Press TV: Do Syrian lives not matter to these external forces who are willing to go to practically any length to turn Syria into the country that they want?

Brennan: Of course. The hypocrisy of the United States is unbelievable along with their (Persian) Gulf state Arab allies. It’s just unreal that what they’re doing and what they’re getting, are allowed to get away with even by the United Nations itself. I mean the UN itself is controlled by the five permanent members of the Security Council as the US, UK, France, China, Russia. I mean although they are divided on so many issues including Syria but the real problem is that the US uses economic blackmail on anyone that opposes their position or economic interests by virtue of controlling global economics because of the dollar.

Press TV: And now Syria has turned to the UN for some kind of recourse in this matter. Why hasn’t the UN been more critical of these countries behind this proxy war in Syria that have turned Syria into a country of ruins?

Brennan: The problem is that the US basically controls the body by virtue of blackmail with using its currency on all the member states. It is because it has the dollar being used as the global reserve currency. They use it as blackmail to get what they want. We’ve seen that quite often actually.

Press TV: So you think it is a futile attempt by Syria turning to the UN to try to get some kind of recourse?

Brennan: They have no other course but to go that route but I don’t think they’re going to see it because the United States, the UK and France also hold veto in the Security Council of the United Nations. So, whatever they say, it’s just going to stop at that point. They’re never going to see any justice in that case. The only way for justice to come through at the end is for people just to get rid of the US dollar and start selling everything else in every other currency but the US dollar. I think the sway will start to disappear in that way.