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The ‘Flying Laser’ returns in new, more deadly form

by Ian Greenhalgh

contrastrayThings in Iran have been mysteriously catching fire and exploding but no evidence of a culprit can be found, local authorities were most perplexed. Iran, in common with just about every other country in the world, has a fifth column, a group within it’s borders and institutions that serves a foreign power and who can carry out sabotage, assassinations and other ‘spooky’ operations covertly. However, there is nothing to link anyone to these mysterious explosions, no signs of anyone having placed a bomb or even of a bomb having been used.

So what’s going on? Clearly someone is covertly attacking key sites within Iran and is doing so in an unconventional way that so far, eludes detection; no drones or aircraft have been detected, and we know that Iran is capable of detecting and bringing down even the latest US stealth drones.

This is where having many sources comes in very handy, and we at VT have many sources; furthermore, by sources I don’t mean ‘the internet’ or any form or hearsay or rumour, we deal with the foreign and defence ministries, the intelligence agencies, the people who really know what they are talking about and have never been anywhere near ‘the internet’ others use as their source.

I had to make that point before explaining where this story is headed, because it’s headed into strange, uncharted waters.

Let us go back to 2014 and Gordon’s report that Israel was using a weapon derived from the Boeing ‘Flying Laser’ project that the US shut down in 2012 and handed over the sole weapon built to the Israelis:

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Gordon notes that the attacks using this weapon on Gaza were masked by the site of the attack being hit by conventional bombardment shortly after. It now appears that the Gaza attacks two years ago were part of an ongoing development programme to turn what was originally intended as a defensive weapon to defeat ballistic missiles into an offensive one that can destroy ground targets from orbit.

Details are unknown about the exact nature of this new orbital laser weapons but our sources on this story are impeccable and the evidence of it’s use on the ground in Iran is clear.

So what exactly are we talking about with this new weapons system? Our sources insist that it is satellite mounted, rather than on any kind of aircraft. This means it was placed in orbit and given the size of the old Boeing YAL-1 laser and the payload capacity of even our largest rockets, something doesn’t quite add up – either the laser weapon has been developed into a much smaller, lighter version or they didn’t use a rocket to put it up there.

If not a rocket then how? I hear you cry… Well, this is an area where we must use a little speculation in the absence of hard fact. It is almost certain that NASA is nothing more than a multi-billion dollar distraction, playing with rockets and deep space probes to keep the public’s attention away from the real space programmes run by the military. While we have no specifics, it is widely believed that the US possesses advanced craft that use exotic propulsion methods to fly from the earth’s surface into space and travel to other planets and beyond. Such craft would be able to place in orbit objects far larger and heavier than the typical satellite, such as an orbital laser weapon.

Israel and Netanyahu have never accepted the rapprochement between the US and Iran that Obama was able to achieve over the Nuke deal, we always knew they would do whatever they could to scupper it. They have bided their time and waited until the US election campaign and the last days of Obama, when the president is least likely to be able to interfere in their nefarious schemes. They knew full well that Iran could not be successfully attacked by conventional means, they also knew that any attacks had to be covert and not leave any evidence behind to connect them to Israel. That is why they chose to use this new weapon – it leaves no trace, no chemical residue like molecular explosives, no radiation signature like atomic weapons, therefore it allows Israel to attack key sites in Iran and get away with it.

Of course, they won’t be able to keep this all an unknown secret forever, but while it is still secret, they can make much mischief with it.

Stay tuned for further updates as we delve further into this subject, as the info reaches us, so shall we make it widely available, it is how to fight back against the criminals in Tel-Aviv – information bombs rather than nasty exploding ones, but perhaps more devastating if used correctly.

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