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French President François Hollande addresses the French people on the Nice terrorist attacks.

This is tragically becoming a very common occurrence in France. Once again French President François Hollande has to address the French people, and the world as to why, and how, another terrorist attack has occurred on French soil.

It was just eight months ago (November 2015) when Hollande was addressing the nation after the horrific Paris attacks…where he declared a state of emergency, which did not work all too well.

Who can forget the terrorist attack that kicked everything off, Charlie Hebdo. This is where the fake and feeble EU and Western leaders stood in unison to protest the attack. It made for a wonderful photo op.

Charlie Hebdo

Months later German Chancellor Angela Merkel would open Europe’s doors to every migrant from countries undergoing “US democracy building”. Meanwhile Obama, Clinton, and Kerry were busy pouring guns into Syria, Libya, and Iraq for those friendly “moderate rebels”, everyone talks about, but no one ever meets.

Oddly enough the deadly weapons would end up in ISIS/Al Nusra hands. For which the US State department has not clue as to how such things got misplaced.

Finally…France has become a very soft target for ISIS/Al Qaeda. Perhaps Hollande should look to John Kerry who is in Moscow today trying to find a way to stop Russia’s bombing of ISIS/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda, so that the US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey can continue to arm the very terrorists that just last night struck in Nice.