Friends of Kosovo


Anton Shala

Sources MIT, intelligence Turk is known that the so-called rebellion military, mentioned the ongoing military coup in Turkey, was the scenario for power so boundless and in order to expand its beyond state borders.
in essence, the goal of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to the data of its Turkish intelligence service, go in two directions. Creating limitless power within the state, turning himself into absolute of authority, with the power of a sultan, he destroys whole secular order in general, and European order that had established creator of modern Turkey, Ataturk Kemajl Albanian. Also in the infighting that has declared war on traditional Islam – Hanafi, and is doing selafizmin religion-state, as a radical faith, intolerant, and aimed at introducing sharia as the legal and constitutional order. It was once the way inhumanity of beheadings of soldiers captured without any trial.

And, in foreign policy, already…

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