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Several attacks of migrants from the Middle East have shaken Germany and France during the last week. July 18 17-year-old Afghan teen, armed with an ax attacked the train passengers in Würzburg in Bavaria. As it turned out, the young man was placed in a foster home, but came under the influence of propaganda ISIS. Then, on July 22 migrants from Iran Ali Sonboly shot in Munich adolescents of Turkish and Albanian origin, and then shot himself. A total of 10 people were killed. 24 July 21-year-old refugee from Syria in the German city of Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg) attacked with a machete a pregnant female kebab vendor. A woman was killed, 5 others wounded. Finally, in the evening July 24 in Ansbach (Bavaria) Syrian refugee blew himself up. 12 people were injured. Today, July 26 a priest has been killed in an attack by two armed men at his church near Rouen in northern France. Attackers armed with knives took hostages during morning Mass.

All of these attacks are attributed several factors: criminals turned out to be migrants, all of them had psychological problems, some drank and used drugs. All the German crimes were committed in South Germany (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg), which witnessed the greatest influx of migrants last year during a crisis with Syrian refugies. Attacks have taken place with a very short interval, but no obvious connection is not visible among the actual perpetrators.

It is worth noting that the attack took place immediately after the terrorist attack in Nice in France. At the same time ISIS intensified terrorist activities around the world. Only as a result of the recent explosion 80 people were killed in Kabul.

In the interests of the US

The surge of terrorist activity in Europe primarily benefits the United States. As we have already mentioned:

This terrorist attack corresponds to the US’s interests, as it weakens continental Europe, after the process of the UK leaving the EU has started. Now there is a hypothetical possibility of the transformation of the EU into a Continentalist Union on the basis of the Franco-German bloc, which could in the long term achieve independence from the United States.And it is against this block the US had to unleash a hybrid war, using all their networks of influence aiming to diminish the potential of Continental Europe. Attacks promote the strengthening of nervousness, fear, disorientation in German society. They will be easier to handle, including manipulated from outside. This chain of attacks tends to weaken the terrorist attack of Europe and its peoples’ confidence in their leaders.

The terrorist attacks in Germany and France, the attempted coup in Turkey, another NATO power that has the potential for a policy independent of the US, proves that such a war has started. It should be kept in mind that US intelligence agencies have both the experience of cooperation with Islamic structures and also neo-Nazis. The famous project “Gladio” – the creation of secret neo-Nazi networks to counter the Soviet Union and its communist networks in Europe during the Cold War, was run by the CIA.

Mass Attack of mentally unbalanced migrants who are not familiar with each other looks like an illustration of the conspiracy theories about the action of psychotropic and psychotronic weapons.

Manipulation of consciousness

Massive terrorist attacks, committed by individuals, apparently unrelated to each other, look like something new in a hybrid war. It is worth noting that all the attackers were at risk and because of alienation from the surrounding society and its psychological problems of drug or gambling addiction (Munich shooter was an active gamer) were easily manipulated. It could be carried out through both the mainstream media and through social networks, the more that the US has technologies of the manipulation of consciousness technologies. Therefore, conspiracy hypothesis about the use of psychotropic weapons is not without reason.

The geographical closeness of all the points where the attacks took place prove this version. Also it it’s the same geographical area where the most US military facilities in Germany are situated. So, if the US wanted to test and find special equipment they couldn’t find the better place.

There is an US base in Ansbach. In Nearby Stuttgart the HQ of United States European Command, Special Operations Command, Europe (SOCEUR), which commands US Special Operations Forces units in Europe, based as well as units of Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization, and offices of Central Security Service and National Security Agency. The latest organizations are responsible for electronic, informational and cyber intelligence and warfare.

US military bases in Germany

The general of the Federal Protective Service of the Russian Federation Boris Ratnikov claims that in the United States developed methods of distant mind control by hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), computer psycho, bio-resonance stimulation. The aim is to manipulate human behavior.

Despite the fact that the official US authorities deny the very possibility of the existence of such weapons, the information about its testing or use regularly leaks into the press. On the other hand, the deliberate and massive stuffing of information after the terrorist act in Nice can be a catalyst for subsequent attacks.

Social causes of terror

The very social environment in Europe creates a favorable environment for such attacks: the mass of migrants from Islamic countries are faced with an alien ideology and way of life, hyper-individualistic society in which they cannot be integrated. Many immigrants are second and third generation, have lost touch with the traditional Islam of their ancestors, and are reacting harshly to the social and spiritual challenges of the modern West, and have found the “way out” through radical Islam. It is growing radicalism among the indigenous population, as a response to the invasion of migrants.

In turn, the liberal policy of Merkel and other European leaders proposes to continue uncontrolled migration without any mechanisms of assimilation. Thus it is leading to the creation of ethnic and religious enclaves of the Third World in the German cities. Accordingly, the potential for a “clash of civilizations” is laid on the long term.

Export of violence

However, migrants, especially from conflict zones, export a culture of violence and ethnic and religious conflicts from the Middle East. The algorithm of behavior of people in conflict areas who are accustomed to massacres, different from what respectable German citizens used to. In the context of alien socio-cultural environment to which they can hardly adapt, it increases the potential for aggression by migrants. In addition, new areas face coming of hostile groups, often at war at home.

So Turkish-Kurdish confrontation and millennial conflict between Sunnis and Shiites spills out into the streets of German cities. One of the alleged motives of action of Munich shooter was a conflict with his classmates of Sunni origin, not by chance hiss main victims were Sunni Turks and Albanians. Turkish-Kurdish clashes have become an integral part of the life of the country. As more and more immigrants from conflict zones will settle in Europe, the potential for inter-ethnic wars between the various groups of migrants will increase dramatically. At the same time increased number of the Muslim population will lead to a radicalization of the indigenous inhabitants of the continent. Thus the failure of the liberal migration policy outlined three fronts of the civil war of the future in Europe:

1. Migrants against indigenous people.

2. Migrants against migrants.

3. Indigenous people against the migrants.

All these contradictions will be used by enemies of continental Europe, primarily the United States to destabilise and weaken the country. Western intelligence-controlled network will be used among European nationalists, Islamists, Kurdish nationalists, the mafia clans. The American bases and facilities uncontrolled by national authorities will be used in secret operations against Europe. The current German leadership of its migration policy is doing everything to facilitate these plans failed.