It happened Saturday night in Turkey raises numerous questions. Attempted coup was however a good opportunity for the planned measures in time, says Alexander Kudascheff.

Türkei Istanbul Erdogan Rede zu nach Putsch Anhänger

Dissatisfaction grows with suspicion. Dilettantes attempted coup in Turkey has failed fury President Erdogan over his rivals is getting tougher. In the days after Erdogan not know either move or balance.And while he was tough hits from all directions, they are also increasing their allegations against the coup. Nobody is talking now to the people a triumph of democracy. The coup failed because Erdogan serves only one purpose: to eliminate all opponents.

They will follow the arrests

A political slaughter is happening in Turkey. More than 20,000 people – judges, prosecutors, officers – already have been fired or even arrested. The sensed that will follow many others – from media universities. Turkey under Erdogan is deformed thus ultimately a autocracy to a person including the death penalty – under parliamentary robe. All this supposedly based on the will of the people. Erdogan does not need parliament, he has the people behind him. At least so he believes. However imams are on his side. And so it can not be excluded, since the secular Ataturk republic to become one of Erdogan’s Islamic autocracy. A place in the EU in this way is definitely ruled out, the NATO country to be questioned.

Kudascheff Alexander Kommentarbild AppAlexander Kudascheff, editor in chief of DW

In retrospect it seems like a farce coup: military aviation bombs parliament, but does not find the way to the place where the president spends holidays. Dilenatë putschists occupy state radio, but not private ones. They do not block the channels of communication, but leave them open. They inskenojnë operetta coup in the early hours of the evening – when in Istanbul begins weekends – instead do it in the morning, when the city sleeps. They allow the president supposedly abolished fly to Istanbul – even though they were supposedly masterminds of the attempted coup aviation. President expect there own people. Simple and coup soldiers believe that the road are a defensive exercise. Can it be so a coup? Unimaginable.

Turkey’s founding ideal goodbye sekuilariste

It should not be part of the conspiracy theories. But is it possible that the army – after more than twelve years Erdogan as prime minister and president – not have any follower of DNA among its officers rank higher? Is it really possible that a coup attempt not to be sniffed at all of the Turkish secret service? How is it possible that Erdogan morning after the coup had a list of 3,000 judges, who needed rest? All these are almost impossible. Against Erdogan has not inseknuar although his coup, he used it to settle accounts in Turkey – with judges of critical journalists, and all those who adhere to the founding ideal of secular Turkey. And wanting to “cleanse” his country – a terrible analogy that with Stalin’s purges in the 1930s – it shows that there is a Democrat, that would comply with the rules of its constitution. The restoration of the death penalty in order eksplicate included here.

Quo vadis Turkey? Now it seems that it is moving toward an Islamic autocracy Erdogan. His Almighty Fanatzitë directed not only from within but also from abroad. He challenges his allies and even challenges the US. Protective Incirlik base can be used in the fight against ISIS only if the US extradite his sworn enemy of Gülen. The charges against him were not proven at all. But Erdogan feels strong, powerful and omnipotent. He fears not anyone – perhaps only Putin, who has apologised.