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The terrorists dragged the corpse of a Russian pilot

The terrorists dragged the corpse of a Russian pilot

Aleppo, August 1 – A Russian MI-8 transport helicopter was shot down in Syria , in the northern province of Idlib . To overthrow it may have been the jihadists of Jaysh al-Fateh, which control different locations in the governorate of Idlib and who are in possession of missiles capable of breaking down a helicopter, although there is no record at the time. The news was confirmed by the Russian Defence Ministry, who explained how the plane was returning to base Khmeimim after transporting humanitarian aid to Aleppo.

Five in total should be dead, three members of the crew and two soldiers. On social networks running different images showing the plane’s wreckage and the carnage perpetrated by terrorists of corpses. The Kremlin has talked about “heroic death of the crew,” which would attempt to “minimize the consequences of the impact on the ground”. The situation remains confufa and it is not yet clear if a second Russian helicopter was shot down , this time to the south of Aleppo

(In these videos the destruction of the dead bodies of terrorists from Russian pilots)


Russian crew

One of the documents published by the terrorists on Twitter, perhaps belonged to a member Russian crew


corpse of the Russian soldier

Mangled body of one of the crew members

Davide Di Stefano
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