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The analyst explained why Western media keep silent about victims of coalition in Syria

Western media ignored the reports of civilian casualties after air strikes by US-led coalition on the Syrian village in the vicinity of Manbij, as their main task is to “PR” British and American governments in the region, the publisher and editor of the Politics First magazine Markus Papandopulos.

According to him, the main task of the Western media – to create the image of the United Kingdom and the United States as a “beacon of civilization, democracy, human rights and freedoms of defenders.” It is not surprising that they do not advertise the consequences of the US Air Force operations in Syria.

Papandopulos also added that it is important to understand the character of the relationship between media and Western governments.

“US and British media” are not independent – they are part of the political elites in London and Washington. Their work and the duty – to send the ruling powers, influence them and build domestic support for American and British politics, where their goals are not “- says the reporter.

Syria is unlikely to achieve the official condemnation of the US air strikes of the coalition, as Britain or the United States is likely to veto a resolution at the UN Security Council.

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where the US authorities a crime not covered before Western audiences,” – concluded Papandopulos.