There is no reason that the “rebels” called moderate Syrian fight against Daesh


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There is no reason that the "rebels" called moderate Syrian fight against Daesh

All subterfuges were used to accredit that the US and its allies are waging a war without thank you against Daesh. The most successful scheme was one who did accept the crazy idea that the power of the United States was such that they could fight a war without committing troops. According to this idea, the war against Daesh boils down to a few air strikes by one, by one, to support the “moderate rebels” Syrian.

Given that no war can be waged without soldiers, it is spread length columns in the mainstream media that the troops used by proxy in the war in Syria are represented by rebels Syrians fighting for democracy against the government instead, with the help of foreign mercenaries. If we consider this hypothesis, this means that the objective of these rebels is to eliminate the current President, Bashar Al Assad and take the central government in Damascus. Until then things seem clear. The war in Syria would be defined then as a civil war with one side armed Syrians and the other, the Damascus government.

How then locate the war against terrorism in general and in particular Daesh? Daesh, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups various exotic names, all foreign compounds also fighting the ruling regime in Damascus. Not being the Syrians, that are not rebels. But although they are not Syrians, their goals is exactly the same: to bring down the government.

Obviously anything that might weaken the Syrian Arab army could only strengthen the rebels we mentioned above. All blows Daesh, Al Qaeda and other foreign terrorists could only be greeted with great joy by the famous rebel. The latter have no particular reason to go after the terrorists. It would even be totally absurd to declare war.

Yet this is what want to believe Atlanticist countries and their media. According to them, in their war against Daesh, their troops by proxy would be those they call “Syrian rebels” we have yet seen the fight is mainly and only against the legitimate government of Syria legitimate and can not, in any case, to turn against Daesh. This simple observation leads to pretty clear conclusions. If the anti-led coalition Daesh US has no troops for its war against terrorism, we can say, without beating around the bush, they lead any war against terrorism.

This also means that these “rebels” that the United States are struggling to qualify for “moderates” would be considered terrorists by any court on this planet, if only because they work hand in hand with recognized legally as terrorist groups. Beyond legal considerations, all efforts by the Atlanticist countries show that these fighters on the ground at their service in their war against Syria.They are part of the troops involved in the conflict, as well as Daesh, Al Qaeda and others. The various exotic names that were assigned to them are only the designation of various brigades, divisions and corps of the same army. They would be appointed 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd … brigade or division of the army of NATO mercenaries, it would be exactly the same.

If we reduce all of this to our current concerns in France, Belgium and Germany, on terrorism, the speeches of political leaders as enemy designating Daesh sound totally false. Unanimity of those same phony speeches and topics they address leads us to think that this is not to forget some internal political woes, but a coordinated plan on a larger scale that transcends borders.



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