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It’s interesting that George Soros would go to all of the trouble and risk of a written document with instructions for Hussein Obama rather than simply pulling on the appropriate string, but that’s what he did. Hacks obtained by the group DC Leaks revealed a letter was sent to Obama by Soros with a request for him to increase the importation levels from 70,000 per year to 100,000. That’s exactly what happened, with Jihadi Jeh Johnson at DHS and Secretary of State John Kerry both acting as regime cheerleaders in promoting the anti-American project. The hacked documents also referenced a 69-page report titled, “Open Society report on the agenda of an Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting held in New York from October 1 to October 2, 2015.”

Itemizing the objectives, the memo stated, “Working in close coordination with our colleagues in the DCAdvocacy office, we (in support of George Soros) have pushed for three specific policy objectives: (1) an increase in the worldwide refugee authorization from the pre-existing 70,000 to one commensurate with the need, (2) an increase in resources to the relevant government agencies to expand their ability to process individuals under the existing numbers (noting that the United States has only processed 1,500 Syrians since 2011 even though existing authority allows 10,000 as of now), and (3) an increase in the financing for efforts overseas, recognizing that the United States is and remains the largest funder of support for these efforts.”

Johnson, Kerry and Obama Pitching The Plan Nobody But Them And Soros Want

Both of the second items on the wish list were implemented as well. The regime announced it had successfully imported 5,000 terrorist interns, what they like to label as “Syrian refugees” into the country as of June 30th, with Jihadi Jeh Johnson announcing that another 5,000 will be processed and brought in within the next 90 days. That pace is a 20,000 per year rate, but Johnson is confident that they will be able to expand beyond that.

The number of facilities for processing in the Middle East was increased, with new offices opened in Iraq and Lebanon in the mad rush to flood America and change the nature of our country. The amount of money being thrown into our destruction has increased as well.

Of course we could believe that this is all coincidental, that it is because Hussein Obama and George Soros share the same world vision for one world in which America is no longer exceptional and we, like every other nation, are ruled by their elite cabal.

Obama is in office because Soros and other elites put him there. They may share the same goals and Obama surely shares in some of George’s money, they also share power and control over the United States. That is no coincidence and more and more the leaks of damaging information are proving what was previously dismissed by the media and other cover operations as conspiracy theories were actually true.

Now if we can only get a few million sheep to snap out of their trance and pay attention, we may be able to save this country.