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Damascus, Syria (7:29 A.M.) – Jaish Al-Islam (Army of Islam) freed five child prisoners yesterday from Touba Prison in Douma.

The children were abducted three years ago during the sectarian raid of Adra Industrial Complex in which many people from the Ismaili and Allawi minorities were abducted only to be used in several occasions as human shields inside portable prisons to guard their headquarters and mobilization points.

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Three of the children were identified as Marah Firas Dayoub, Sima Firas Dayoub, and Dalia Shadi Sifo while two other boys are yet to be identified.

Jaish Al-Islam and Faylaq Al-Rahman are notorious for their unethical prisons which they use mostly to crack down on dissent in Eastern Ghouta.

In fact, demonstrations spiral routinely in Douma, Saqba, and Erbeen in protest of harsh treatment of prisoners and oppressive practices against political rivals and dissenters.