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On August 30, Russian airstrikes killed around 40 ISIS terrorists, including ISIS spokesman and the group’s leader in Syria, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, in the Maaratat-Umm Khaush area of Aleppo province. The air strikes were made by the Russian Su-34 bomber.

“Among the killed terrorists confirmed through multiple intelligence channels was Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, better known as ‘official media spokesman’ of the Islamic State international terrorist group,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on August 31.

Al-Adnani was one of the longest-serving ISIS senior members and had a $5 million US Department of State bounty on his head.

Meanwhile, Pengaton, supported by warious Western media outlets, has speculated that it’s an American air strike killed the ISIS leader in Syria. However, the Department of Defense of the United States (DoD) was not able to confirm such an achievement. The DoD was not also able to say where an air strike hit the terrorist, adding that it was somehwere near al-Bab.

Now, it’s clear by whom al-Adnani was killed. Is US Department of State ready to pay the bounty to the Russian Su-34 crew?