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by Ziad Fadel

“Exclusive to SyrPer” by Canthama

Aleppo: The death of thousands of terrorists in southwestern Aleppo may have reached another milestone this Sunday, September the 4th, after an intense attack late Saturday from two axes, north and south. At the artillery colleges, the terrorists’ defensive lines collapsed. There is still sporadic fighting inside the artillery college but it seems from terrorists left behind when most of the group fled the battle field. The SAA and allies are mopping up the whole area while control of the entire complex is indisputable. Aleppo City is, once again, completely sealed.

image: http://syrianperspective.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CrgWdN6WIAARzrF.jpg

Purported photo of Col Suhayl Al-Hassan inside a building in the artillery college

The SAA’s and allies’ offensive had also liberated several other key areas, such as Al-Qaraassi Village. There is full control of Al- ‘Aamiriyyah village, Jam’iyyaat Hill and early reports are coming in that the Iraq militia, Harakat al-Nujabaa`, has claimed the capture of the Khaan Toomaan depots. This has yet to be confirmed.

image: http://syrianperspective.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Crg9n-WcAAQLoW.jpg

Map credited to @PetoLucem

Though these early reports are very encouraging, there are still some key sites to be fully liberated, such as the 1070 Apartment Project, Al-HikmaSchool, Al-Raamooseh Industrial District, Al-Shurfah village and a few others. It is only a matter of time before a wider safety perimeter extending from the AlRaamoosa part of the ring surrounding Aleppo can be restored and exploited. The SAA and allies are working at a fast pace now with more results being expected as the combination of ground assault and air attacks are taking a toll on the terrorists’ morale. More and more news of terrorist defections are arriving along with the melt-down of this coalition led by Al Qaeda.

It is still too early to know whether the SAA and allies will go first to the “killing zone” between Khaan Toomaan and Al-Hikma or to the inner part of Al-Raamoosa Industrial District. Both strategies help bring stability to this front line. Today’s events may indicate the former as the priority.

Videos provided by Media War @C_Miltary1

Hama: It is clear the terrorist offensive in northern Hama was connected to their collapse in southwestern Aleppo. After a quick advance over an area lightly defended by the NDF forces in northern Hama where several checkpoints fell to the terrorists, the Syrian Government ordered the civilians in villages at risk to be evacuated until a new defensive perimeter could be established. We are now waiting for the counter offensive to start. That will happen after enough troops are relocated to the area and the counter attack tactics being fully defined. Since yesterday several areas were liberated from the terrorist’s clutches, among them:

Tell Al-Sammaan

Khirbat al-Hijaama village

Tell Ma’ardas

Ma’ardas village – still seeing intense fighting

Qumhaana village – the NDF repelled a fierce attack overnight with a lot of terrorists KIA

Teebat Al-Imaam – the battle for this critical village has started, the SAA and allies at the outskirts of it.

image: http://syrianperspective.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CrgtrluWcAEeQpa.jpg

Two terrorist’s tanks destroyed in Ma’ardas

NDF’s IED destroying a terrorist patrol in northern Hama

Khalid Nawaz Al-Nouri sent this encouraging photo of Naayif Abu Ahmad after he was killed by the SAA in Hama.  (Ziad posted this)


Damascus: In the past few days some events took place in East Ghouta that were overshadowed by the terrorist’s offensive in northern Hama.

The SAA and allies have taken full control of Tell Al-Sawwaan placing the terrorists at Tal Kurdi in very dire straits.

At the same time, the SAA and allies have repelled another counter offensive by the terrorists toward the farms at Al-Rayhaan and the village of Hawsh Nasri. It is a question of time for the collapse of the terrorists’ defensive lines in Tal Kurdi, thus exposing a very large flank of Doumaa. Watch for actions in East Ghouta around Hawsh Dhawahirah and Mida’ana.

image: http://syrianperspective.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CrXULz3WYAIGqoG.jpg

The following is an interesting welcome photo from the G20 in China. Draw your own conclusions.

image: http://syrianperspective.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CrgbVz0WIAAkVzr.jpg

Note from Canthama: Still on the road for the next two weeks, will be commenting more than posting new articles.
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