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by Leith Fadel

Sweida, Syria (3:10 A.M.) – The US-backed “Al-Umari Group” of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) reportedly kidnapped a Syrian civilian along the Sweida-Damascus Highway this past weekend after attacking several vehicles near the Al-Lajat Plateau of northeast Dara’a.

The civilian was identified as Ayoub Al-Nasser of Najran village in Al-Sweida.

Ayoub was traveling with a companion towards Damascus when the Al-Umari Group attacked, forcing him to exit his vehicle.

While in the Al-Umari Group’s captivity, Ayoub was tortured by unidentified rebel fighters; they would later contact his family and demand money for his release.

The video has created an uproar in the predominately Druze province of Al-Sweida, where the residents are already demanding retribution for this unprovoked attack.

The Al-Umari Group is one of the “vetted” US groups that received TOW missiles to attack the Syrian government forces with in the Dara’a Governorate.