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SARC receives the airdropped pallets
 By Leith Fadel

Deir Ezzor, Syria (3:15 P.M.) – At least 9 civilians were killed and another 26 were wounded as a result of the Islamic State’s indiscriminate shelling of Deir Ezzor’s Al-Jubeileh District today.

Local activists in Deir Ezzor reported on Saturday that a number of mortar shells were fired by Islamic State fighters at the government-controlled neighbourhoods of Al-Jubeileh; this resulted in severe material damage to several buildings inside the district.

Among the many buildings that were victim of the Islamic State’s indiscriminate shelling was the Syrian Red Crescent Society’s headquarters in Al-Jubeileh.

In addition to shelling government-controlled neighborhoods, the Islamic State launched a wide-scale offensive in Deir Ezzor on Friday night, targeting the 137th Artillery Brigade’s headquarters – clashes are still ongoing.