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by Leith Fadel

Hama, Syria (7:00 A.M.) – The Free Syrian Army (FSA), backed by Jund Al-Aqsa (Al-Qaeda franchise), launched a new assault in the northern Hama countryside on Tuesday, targeting the small town of Zour Al-Masalq near Khattab.

According to a field source in northern Hama, the Free Syrian Army’s “Jaysh Al-Izza,” alongside Jund Al-Aqsa, stormed their Syrian Arab Army’s defenses at Zour Al-Masalq this morning, resulting in the second violation of this ceasefire by the rebel forces.

No gains have been reported thus far; however, the jihadist rebels have forced to the Syrian Arab Army to strengthen their positions all over northern Hama in anticipation for another attack.

The ceasefire in Hama lasted for a total of 12 hours before the jihadist rebels broke the agreement by launching their offensive.