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by Zen Adra

Islamist rebels fighting the Syrian Army in southwestern Syria are desperately seeking more support from neighbouring Israel.

In a phone call made by an Israeli reporter and a field commander from the Saudi-backed Jaish al-Islam, the later confirmed that they are not abiding by the ceasefire with the Syrian government, offering the reporter – who spoke fluent Arabic– to send him combat footage from the battlefield.

When asked to address the government of Israel, the rebel commander demanded a full support of arms, food and all kinds of aid.

“I call on our brothers the Israelis to support the revolution in Syria, and provide us with everything; weapons, food, aid…anything brother”.

“You – Israeli – must attack the Syrian Army and help us defeat this ‘infidel regime’,” he added.

The video was released yesterday as the hardline militants launched a wide-scale offensive against government troops in the area, with the aim to take over the Druze town of Hadar and nearby villages.

Today, the Syrian Army shot down an Israeli fighter jet while targeting Army positions in Sa’sa town, located nearly 30 km to the southwest of Damascus near the occupied Golan Heights.

The Syrian government has for long accused Israel of backing up the militants operating near the borders.