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by Chris Tomson

Shortly after an Israeli drone temporarily breached Syrian airspace, Israeli jets – likely utilising the drone’s reconnaissance information – carried out a number of airstrikes on areas controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Quneitra province.

One airstrike was observed at the Jandal Castle, a military fortification located atop the mountain of Jabal al-Shiekh. Another Israeli airstrike struck the Artillery Base near the village of Ayn Burj.

If one is to believe preliminary reports, neither airstrike caused any casualties among the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army which hints at the initial air raid serving primarily to deter potential SAA aggression.

According to Israel, three artillery shells were launched into Israeli-held territory by SAA forces stationed at Ayn Burj earlier today.

Minutes ago, a second Israeli air raid also struck SAA artillery points between the villages of Sasa and Deir Makir, equally in the Golan Heights. It is not immediately clear if the second wave of airstrikes caused any casualties to government troops.

According to a source close to Al-Masdar News, the Israeli jets fired from across the Tabariyah Lake which is located on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. In turn, SAA anti-aircraft units were unable to respond.