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by Chris Thomson

A new batch of U.S. special forces have entered Syria through Turkey and set up camp at the Al-Monbath hill in the countryside of Tell Abyad, a Kurdish-held region north of Raqqa.

In total, 50 American troops – 10 of which are classified as combat advisors – are stationed at the base. The crew is armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry and accompanied by 17 armored vehicles. Communication equipment has been set up while U.S. flags have somewhat controversially been hoisted at the base.

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-19-28-07The team will be advising commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in their battles against the Islamic State. Additionally, U.S. military advisors will attempt to prevent the SDF from clashing with Turkish-backed rebel groups and vice versa.

Effectively, U.S. soldiers are now de facto in control two large buildings complexes near the Tall Abyad border crossing. According to a source close to Al-Masdar, the SDF is barred from entry at the new military site.

Damascus has not approved of the new U.S. base which could, according to a source, be established as a permanent military base in the near future.


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