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Al-Jazeera anchor promotes sectarian discourse in Syria live on TV

Al Jazeera were the first station to spread the propaganda that started the War on Syria, with their fake films and secret messages to jihadists. These fake stories then spread to the main stream media.

At the beginning of the Syrian war, many of the reporters and anchor men from the station resigned, as they would not be part of inciting war on Syria. While in 2013 twenty two resigned over the coverage on Egypt.

5 years on and  Al Jazeera has lost all credibility for producing  legitimate news and is now the rated number one in producing propaganda to prop up US wars.

It seems that Al Jazeera has now found their dream presenter for their war on Syria, claiming that they will take the country and more threats.

Looks as if Al Jazeera are getting desperate at losing their war on Syria, the truth about them is now out.

We are still waiting to see what this propaganda machine has in store for their Balkan branch which opened in 2011.