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HAMA, SYRIA (2:20 A.M.) – The situation in northern Hama is about to get interesting, as both the Syrian Armed Forces and the jihadist rebels have offensives planned in the coming days.

However, the jihadist rebels might not get the opportunity to continue their large-scale Hama offensive because the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) “Tiger Forces” have already mobilized and positioned themselves for their long-awaited counter-attack.

An Al-Masdar field journalist embedded with the Tiger Forces in northern Hama reported on Friday night that zero hour has approached and that the Syrian Armed Forces are preparing to strike the jihadist rebels in the coming hours.

Regardless of who attacks first, the battle of northern Hama will likely be the bloodiest battle this month because of the total number of military personnel participating on both sides.

Moreover, with the substantial decrease in violence across the country, northern Hama will now become the focal point for the rebel and government forces, despite its lack of strategical importance.