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The US tried to hide the fact they had bombed Ghaddafi’s grandchildren, by claiming to kill Osama Bin Laden the next day in 2011. That worked, the Western media did not even mention the fact the the US had bombed the wrong house and murdered innocent children. The Libyans vowed revenge for the act, but all was forgotten with the US red flag of killing Bin Laden.

Now they have done it again, by covering up the start of WW3, by attacking and killing Syrian soldiers, by placing a bomb in a garbage bin in New York to divert the attention away from the massacre in Syria.

Nobody believes these false flags anymore, the US has proved over and over again that they are capable of killing their own people. They think nothing of killing their own, American lives mean nothing to them when it comes to covering up an act of war.

What are they hoping to gain from this? Are they going to blame Syrians for doing it and claim it is an act of war against the USA, to justify US bombing of SAA in Syria?

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