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by Leith Fadel

DEIR EZZOR, SYRIA (3:00 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army’s 137th Artillery Brigade of the 17th Reserve Division, backed by the Qassem Units (Special Forces), launched a counter-attack tonight to recapture the points they lost to the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) in western Deir Ezzor after the U.S. bombed the government’s positions at Jabal Thardeh.

According to a military source from the Qassem Units, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to recapture almost every point lost to the Islamic State militants at Jabal Thardeh tonight.

The Syrian Armed Forces were able to recapture these points after the Russian Air Force hammered the Islamic State’s defenses near Tal Kroum, paving the way for them to seize the aforementioned hilltop.

Clashes are still raging tonight, as the Syrian Armed Forces attempt to recover the territory they lost as a result of the U.S. airstrikes on Jabal Thardeh.

Meanwhile, an unnamed U.S. Official as expressed “regret” for the airstrikes.