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The President of the United States will soon bow out. But before joining the club speakers to $ 100 000, he commits a new crime in Syria. On 17 September, for the first time, its warplanes killed between 60 and 80 soldiers of the Syrian Arab army in Deir Ezzor. Far from being fortuitous, this attack took place at a time when the national army faced an offensive Daech.

The Pentagon said it was a mistake, but who can believe such a lie? This official version has also received its first cut from the US ambassador to the UN. She admitted to the Security Council that the US was behind the strike, but she downplayed, comparing this blunder “unintentional” with “intentional attacks” against civilians in Damascus. Curious explanation!

The thesis of the accident, in fact, does not hold water. Just consider the facts to realize it.

– First, the “modus operandi” of the attack. Conducted four times by several combat aircraft on the ground, it lasted witnesses said about 45 minutes. It can not therefore be the erratic driver of an isolated transaction that misunderstood the orders.

– Second, the site of the attack. The target position is Jebel Thardeh, 4 kilometers south of the airport of the city. This is a key hill for the defense of the whole area, where 100 000 people are surrounded by Daech. This is a static position, occupied by the Syrian army and the knowledge for all to see for months.

– Third, the press Daech victory. The propaganda agency “QAMA” Indeed, said the jihadist group had taken control of the hill where there was the air strike of the allegedly anti-terrorist coalition. This beautiful coordination between the US and its unofficial mercenaries noteworthy!

– Fourth, the total improbability of a US air support to the Syrian army. This is the only possible explanation if he is a “blunder”, but it is absurd. Western Aviation has never lent a hand to the Syrian army, why would she do? This is the question that the Russian ambassador  has just put to the UN. The answer is obvious: it was not to help the Syrian army but helping Daech.

Russia, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin. (Reuters)

Hitting the Syrian army for the benefit of Daech indeed achieves three goals. By relieving the Aleppo front, against fire lit at the eastern end of the country breaks the dream of a reconquest of the country. It weakens the Syrian state. But it also sends a clear message to the nebula takfirie in trouble since the resumption of South Aleppo neighborhoods.Finally, it strengthens the regional allies of Washington in the continuation of their deadly policy of “constructive chaos” when the end of Barack Obama’s mandate could let fear a softening of Washington.

We knew the US boundless cynicism, but it just made a qualitative leap. This is the first time that the US frontally assault the Syrian army. This new transgression is a test, and the replica of the Moscow-Damascus axis should not be expected. This helping hand to the terrorist organization shows that the neocons do not intend to let go in the Middle East. The coincidence of this attack with the award of $ 38 billion to Israel is significant. Contrary to what we sometimes read, Washington does not disengage from the region. It will continue tomorrow to sow chaos by arming the arm of the killers of all kinds.

Bruno Guigue | September 18, 2016

Bruno Guigue

Bruno Guigue , ex-official, political analyst and lecturer at the University of La Réunion.He is the author of five books, including The Origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Invisible remorse of the West , L’Harmattan, 2002, and hundreds of articles.