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Proof of the amount of terrorists that have infiltrated refugees


So the other day there was rally held in London. To support and stand with refugees. In which some 20000 people were supposed to have took part in. As you can probably guess there was plenty of FSA (Foreign salafist army) flags there and the usual slogan “Stop the war equals stop Assad” garbage. There was even a group of people dancing about at the front like a bunch of idiots.

Any sane thinking person would thinking. Seriously they still wave about that flag after all this time and still think what happened in Syria was a revolution and that these so called “Syrian opposition”. Are all these peace loving friendly tolerant freedom fighters. These people need a reality check fast. As what they are refer to as a “revolution” is nothing but a revolution, there so called beloved “Syrian rebels” are nothing but a ragtag band of mercenaries and terrorist who have no interests in peace, democracy or freedom and most are reactionary religious zealots. Who would slaughter them and anyone who does not believe the same as they do.

Not only did they make themselves look like incredibly stupid. They also made themselves look like massive hypocrites. As they are at a pro refugee rally waving that flag. By doing so they are claiming to be welcoming refugees from Syria. While at the same time supporting the very group of people who are responsible for bringing about this war in first place. They are basically cheering on the destruction of what was once. A peaceful, stable and independent country.

If these people went over to Syria and did that in a rebel held area. They can be sure that there beloved “moderates” would behead them in seconds or throw them of a roof top. These people are nothing but a laughing stock and just useful idiots.