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by Zen Adra

Another sickening video was recently released showing a group of the US-backed rebels savagely beating a captive Syrian soldier.

In the footage, the prisoner, stripped almost naked, was hung by his hands to a high post with his legs dangling while being interrogated by a bunch of anti-government militants.

The victim identified himself as staff sergeant Ammar Shawish, a conscript at the Syrian Army’s Political Administration (a non-combatant unit). He is from the Alawite city of Al-Mukharram, nearly 42 km to the northwest of the central city of Homs.

The location where the video was recorded in still unidentified.

Covered with severe bruises and cuts, the victim was harshly and repeatedly beaten by rods and rubber sticks until he faints. The interrogators then lay him on the ground, pour a bucket of water on him and try to give him a CPR while he enters in a seizure.