The Muslim Issue

We’ve always believed Madeleine McCann, the British toddler kidnapped in Portugal, was taken by Arab child-sex traders. They get a lot of money from these blond girl children.



Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade


Hypocritical Saudi Government

The London Times reports:

“Executions in Saudi Arabia are prescribed for murder, rape, drug smuggling and child abuse, and carried out in public outside a mosque after prayers on Fridays.” If the Saud family abided by its own laws there would be many Saudi princes who would meet the fate of beheading. Hypocrisy is rampant in Saudi Arabia.”

Human slavery, in various formats, is widespread in Saudi society even today.  Saudi Arabia was among the last nations who, under pressure from United Nations, outlawed slavery in 1962.  However, only 10,000 slaves were freed in 1962 and remaining large number was kept captive.  In 1965 the Saudis were reported to have kept…

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