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Damascus Countryside, SANA – Thousands of locals in Qudsaya city in Damascus countryside staged Saturday a protest against the armed groups that are hindering local reconciliation in the city.

SANA quoted local sources as saying that around 6 thousand people gathered in the main square in Qudsaya city demanding the immediate departure of the armed groups that are rejecting the reconciliation.

The protesters called for settling the legal status of the other gunmen and speed up the achievement of the reconciliation.

The sources told SANA reporter that the armed groups rejecting the reconciliation opened fire on the protesters in a bid to disperse them.

The day before, hundreds of Qudsaya locals took to the streets following the Friday prayers denouncing the armed groups’ practices and demanding their departure.

They called for resolving all issues and overcoming obstacles standing in the way of achieving the reconciliation in Qudsaya city.

On November 30, 119 gunmen and members of their families were evacuated from Qudsaya city in the framework of efforts exerted by the reconciliation committees and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to make the city free of weapons and militants.

H. Said