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As the U.S. regime withdraws from the diplomatic peace talks with Russia [for ceasefire], the terrorist gangs raise the bar…as if they had received the green light from the puppets at the Pentagon…as if


30 civilians killed, scores injured in terrorist explosion in a wedding hall in Hasakah

30 civilians were killed on Monday and 90 others were wounded in a terrorist explosion that targeted a hall for weddings in Hasaka province. A Police source said a suicide terrorist blew himself up with an explosive belt inside al-Sanabel hall for weddings near Safyiah village on Hasaka-Qamishli highway. A local journalist, Haval Issa, was among the injured as he was near the site of the explosion: his conditions are now stable after he received the required treatment.

7 people were killed, 71 injured in Aleppo

Seven people were killed, 71 got injured, most of whom students, children and women, in…

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