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by lyndsaybowes

Recently it seems more and more people are reaching the conclusion that Syria is not having a civil war, but a western funded ‘colour revolution’, a coup if you will.  MUST SEE VIDEO: US Peace Council returns from Syria, a country fighting “invasion by the most powerful country in the world”  http://theduran.com/must-see-video-us-peace-council-returns-syria-county-fighting-invasion-by-most-powerful-country-world/

This brings me much hope, as I have been trying to share these truths over the internet since 2013.  In 2011, I like many others was glued to the livestreams showing Homs, Syria being bombarded apparently by the Syrian Army under the command of Bashar Al Assad.  I was astonished when China and Russia vetoed a UN attempt to take action against the Syrian government.  I even went so far as to troll Putin’s facebook page once it was hacked, and joined people posting photos of all the dead Syrian children on his page.  I fell for it all, hook, line and sinker.

That all changed the day my friend Mahmoud Hereh from Damascus had a very blunt conversation with me, that all the news out of Syria is not as it seems.  The things he told me were definitely not popular, and I didn’t even want to see the truth at that point, but I DID listen to him, and decided to find more friends in Syria to share their truths with me as well.  Here I will share the 5 interviews, starting with Mahmoud.

(Note:  I do not edit the way my friends in Syria speak to me, I left their writing exactly as they wrote to me, to convey authenticity, and so you can hear their voice, not mine.)

Interview #1 (2013) “Well,it’s like a boxing game,each boxer has a supporter,and each one makes a bet that this boxer will win,but once the other supporter feels that his boxer might lose,he raises the bet and supplies his boxer to continue the fight,and that obligates the other supporter to raise the bet more and supply more,as a result,the fight never stops till there is no more bet,and every extremist fan will enter the ring to fight their counterparts as an attempt to change the equasion and give the victory to their boxer,but everyone loses…

to make this clearer for you Lyndsay,the boxers are the syrian regime (government) and the free syrian army (revolution) they keep beating the hell out of each other though they used to be brothers,the supporters are,the regime’s ones are,Russia,Iran,China,whereas the free army’s ones are,US,EU,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Turkey,Israel,and now Jordan

exept for Israel,Syria was so helpful to every abovementiond country,but now they all decided to turn the syrians on their one an other,by global midea networks,by evoking religious war since we have multi different religions and beliefs in Syria,and by evoking such a war,it will be easier to conquer the country,because people who lived together side by side as brothes for centuries despite their religious variety will now hate and kill each other due to the false and evoking news they hear,like this sect insulted this other sect,thank God this didn’t happen and will not,because Syria is the land of religions,and syrians respect all religions

Midea also manipulates people politically,they planted hatred in every family by announcing false news to rise the tension,I mean a father of a family believes that the regime is right, but his son disagrees, because he believes the revolution is right, that surely produces an irritating quarelle which is aimless,it happened many times between my grandpa and my uncle and it didn’t stop the fight, I don’t what happens within the syrian families,but there is a woman who has 2 sons,one decided to fight with regime and he is now,and his brother is a free army fighter,two brothers fighting each other,thanks to global midea

The supplies are guns,bullets,explosive devices,c4 explosives, mortars,cannons, heavy arsenals,jets, missles,and some smuggled weed and drugs,God knows what else there is the ring is Syria

the extremist fans are Al_Qaeda,Hisbullah, Iran revolutionary guards,arab and foreign outcomers, some civilians who have nothing to lose after losing everything they had,weed stoners,drug addicts,people who decided to get involved in this battle voluntarely,and people who were forced to join the fight involuntarely

and the bet,is us,the civilins,they put the bet on the battle field and step on them,people get killed,they are also forced to leave their houses in some cities,some people immigrate out of the country to live even more mirerabely,they get kidnapped like one of my friends was and he might be dead right now,or they get arrested like my neighbour was and now he’s in jail,houses get destroyed by bombardment,places get exploded by wired cars filled with thousands of kgs of explosives to coast the government,the victims are mostly civlians,the free army parks a wired car in front of a regime institution,boom, civilians die,the regime throws down a TNT barrel from a Meg29 jet to kill free army forces hiding within a civil area,boom,civilians die,too bad

btw,you can never hear what I just told you from a supporter to the regime,nor from an opposer to it, you would only get half of what you read,dipending on who tells the story

I hope that I gave you an answer to what you were seeking by your question

Later Lyndsay

btw,if you share this message in public,people will know the truth,because this is it,thanks Lynsay,what a nice name you’ve got


Update, May, 2014 :: “Here is an update, we barely have electricity in Damascus, and no water in Aleppo, thanks for Alqaeda cutting them off making our lives like shit, btw, they are the mutual enemy for all Syrians including the Syrian Army and the Free Army.

Reconcilliations are spreading wide in the country between the SA and the FA, no matter who likes that or not, this is what we want, cuz we are sick of the Syrian bloodshed caused by bombardments, explosions, clashes, etc

I haven’t changed at all, my orientation is still, and will be the same, the photo speaks about me for its self, not to mention that I’ve always addressed my fellow Syrians to love each other, and I see that happening through reconcilliations, so fuck Alqaeda!

If anyone wants to give an update about Syria, they should by Syrian and living in Syria.” [-Mahmoud Hereh]

Interview #2 (2015)  By Gaby El-Zoghbi [Damascus Syria] and Lyndsay Bowes [Halifax, Canada]

Gaby:  My dearest dearest Lyndsay, before I start answering these questions of yours, I need to drive myself back to the previous days before all this chaos started, I can’t help it! Such comparison is due when dwelling upon that “revolution”!!! We, Syrians, are originally simple hearted people, we could manage our living with some money (personally speaking; I used to do and buy everything I might need by no more than $2 a day) now it is more than that, at least 10 times. When your car is defected some where and sometime, no matter where or when, day or night, you would find tons of good youth jump to help you mend it, even if you were traveling in the Syrian desert, even if you were wearing Hijab or not!!! So lovely people they were indeed… we used also to give Lebanon electricity with cheap prices, and Jordan water for free (maybe u don’t know that those two countries have neither power nor water respectively) and I never remember that we, Syrians, had shortage in neither!!! Unlike nowadays.

When first it took place, the crisis, there were tons of “Arab” media outlets who started to wage that war against us, it started as a word war, of course, plus a lot of “religious” channels.  We never knew about our friends, neighbors, colleagues or roommates what kind of religion they follow!!! And those channels they were the first entity who aired the Syrian social fabrics percentage and of what does it consist by figures, accusing the “regime” of having incited the ethnic segregation!  U know, Sunni, Shia, Christians… etc. these talks were so weird!  Even on the individual level, u would see some people who started to talk about such things, to the degree that a student, in the very beginning of the crisis, could smuggle a hand gun into the university, and shot his own friends, who were a mixture of religions, and then could run away, the Syrian president Assad went to visit those injured. I also, started to watch these channels coz we could not help it but try to understand what’s going on… then and out of their discourse I realized that they were just aiming at destroying Syria by inciting hatred and igniting ethnic struggle… I was fed up with all what happened, and continued to be so, and still up till now, and will always be so.

Most of what you have shown on your media is mere lies about our president and our army, we could see by our bare eyes what was taking place, though, they succeeded in turning the international opinion against our army!  By the way, the members of our army are Syrians from all religions and ethnicity of Syria. You are asking me, my friend, whether my feelings have changed [since the beginning of the ‘Syrian Revolution’]. My answer is YES. They have changed to more love and appreciation to our glorious army seeing the sacrifices they made for us to be able to carry on our lives as much as possible. and about those countries that are pretending to bombing ISIS, heh.  They are the ones who created ISIS, maybe I read the renowned novel by Mary Shelley; Frankenstein, and I know that Victor fought fiercely against that beast he created, I might believe that, coz that is fiction. However, to believe that these countries are fighting against ISIS, that is the IMPOSSIBLE itself to me, why? coz simply they can’t retreat now having fulfilled the most of their goal in shaping the New Middle East, an East which has no powerful countries except for Israel… they are lying, they are giving aids to this “ISIS” claiming that they are doing that “wrongly” by dropping some arms and food!!!  The true entity that is fighting against ISIS is the Syrian Army by itself alone!!!

Me:  OMG……Wow, I didn’t know about it, thank you so much for informing me

Gabi: There is a video also about the explosion it was full of patients when that happened… OMG!!!

Even this mosque in which John the baptist lies, these rebels bombed it!!!

Me:  Omg….. :'(((((

Gaby:  I wish i could present some good data for u dear, but there is non since the so-called Arab spring!!!! Plz try not to let these info erase the smile off ur face, plz. I still insist on the idea that tomorrow is better, and we still live.

Interview #3  Ibrahim Aldalati April 14/2015

Me: What were you thinking/feeling when the so-called ‘revolution’ first started in Syria 4 years ago? Did your feelings/thoughts about the revolution change as the years have gone by? How? How do you feel now that the US, UK, and Canada are bombing so-called ‘ISIS’ there?

Ibrahim: There was never a revolution in Syria, but it was rather an armed activity by mercenaries, convicts, arms’ dealers and smugglers. It started in the suburbs because their families in their forms are mostly related to those villains. The outlaws started targeting members from the civil police, either for personal revenge or to scare the policemen. After that, they started secular provoking, and that’s when the demonstrations started, in which, under 16 year old children were each paid 100 Syrian pounds to get out and protest, and when they were adult demonstrators, they would kill each others to increase the masses’ hatred towards the police.

I felt horribly while seeing my fellow Syrians killing innocents to accuse the government of doing so. I used to advise my friends and relatives that they shouldn’t be dragged behind this play for it has destruction to everything. I used to feel sorry for what the ignorant would do, and I mean the uneducated people, to protest for 100 S.P which equaled two dollars at that time.

My feelings have changed towards Arabs, and not because of what happened in my country, because what happened in Syria needs a brave person to admit that it was never a revolution! But after I have seen the size of destruction and the killing of people for no reasonable motives, I have created two facebook pages to expose those mercenaries!

The US and their allies did not and will not bomb ISIS, they are defending their benefits of the oil derricks in northern Iraq. The US had destroyed Iraq only within two years and killed over two million Iraqis, and if they were serious about bombing ISIS, they would’ve erased them along with their allies as they claim! As I said before, they are destroying the infrastructure in Syria, and just joking the terrorist organization of ISIS!

I was wishing that you would ask me about the people there, they are being murdered and slayed and what you witness on TV screens and internet pages do not equal 1% of what they did to people.

Ever since the third month of the so called “Syrian Revolution” the terrorists would join whoever pays more, and mercenaries from Libya and Tunisia were being recruited to fight there. Now we even have Caucasians, Chechens, Afghans, Europeans, and Americans!

After they killed my brother (the man in this photo!) I left Syria and I’m now trapped in Greece!

These stories happened and they’re real

The so called “rebels” have stolen electricity cables from the streets, which may cost billions, and sold in Turkey as junk!

They have stolen seeds’ Solis where wheat is stored for war time and sold it to Turkey as food for farm animals with only one fourth of its actual price!

They stole the factories and sold the goods in Turkey!

They killed whoever said “no, you’re wrong” to them!

Their educated and cultured ones only own a primary school certificate, and all the leaders are uneducated; ignorants!

They have raped women, and whenever they were exposed they would kill every woman they have raped!

They stole people’s vehicles after killing them, and the charge was that “they were government supporters!”

They have destroyed government institutions even though they were empty, but they destroyed them after robbing them!

Most of them are now in Europe hiding as humanity refugees, when they are actually terrorist murderers!

All of their refugees in Europe have paid more than 20 thousand Euros to get there, and they earned that money from killing and stealing. And if you monitored their Facebook accounts, you would see with your own eyes their public support to ISIS and Nusra!

Interview #4:  From A Friend Who Wished To Stay Anonymous in Damascus, Syria

(The attached photo above is of a bullet hole through my friend’s apartment window.)

QUESTION: What is happening right now, how have things been lately?

ANSWER: My dear, I’ve been going through so much lately that I wasn’t aware of what’s going on in my own country. As usual, mortar shells are raining on Damascus cuz they hate that it’s considered “safe” & the way they think is: if the capital falls, Syria falls! They blew 3 of the power stations & we had a 24 hour blackout about 2 weeks ago, when they fixed it, a problem happened with the water supply of the whole city, then they started targeting the other power stations everyday, now we have electricity for about 6 hours total everyday only.

I had to pay about half the salary this month just to buy water & to try & find an alternative backup system, we (our building) found a way but it costed us so much. Anyway, now we won’t be without water if another emergency happens! As for outside of Damascus, I know that Homs is safe again but there’s so much destruction, parts of Aleppo are hot zones as is many other cities & towns. Life is really hard there but where the army is, it is safer & don’t forget, Al Qaeda threatened to launch more mortar attacks if President AlAssad would run for the new elections, & they did! Now they are making other threats if he wins the elections!

QUESTION: What do you think a good solution could be? What would your perfect solution to this crisis be?

ANSWER: We, actually, feel helpless! With this so called islamic state they want to establish in Syria & Iraq & all the strict & backward & false religious laws they are setting. It’s a shame!! If only their funding stops, but America & the Gulf politicians promised them billions & they are arming them with missiles now. If their funding stops, they perish.

They used to depend on people’s support but people know now that those guys are nothing but evil. Now no one supports them, they rule by fear. Well, if they can! People hate them! Even those who were tricked into believing in them in the beginning.

I can’t change the whole country, but if I can help the people around me stay strong & positive, then that’s be my purpose in life here.

Interview #5 April 10/2015 Written by Rami Alaisami [Damascus City, Syria] and Lyndsay Bowes [Halifax, Canada]

Me:  So, what were you thinking/feeling when the so-called ‘revolution’ first started in Syria 4 years ago? Did your feelings/thoughts about the revolution change as the years have gone by?  How do you feel now that the US and Canada are bombing so-called ‘ISIS’ there

Rami: As a Syrian citizen I was asking my self are people really protesting against the current president or it was a conspiracy as the president bashar has announced? Lets not forget that Syria is not perfect for free will, or we had absolutely no democracy in choosing the president or the government or ever the ruling party so people had every right to rise against the government.  That’s of course my personal opinion.  But to see that peace full uprising flooded with foreign fighters, dirty political money and war lords,  is something tragic.  So in my perspective there is no what you call a revolution for freedom in Syria because it has turned to a blood bath.

Anybody has interest in the country would finance a militant group which will fight for there private cause.  The tragic side for it that civilians are caught in the middle of the fight on one hand government army and militias on the other hand militant groups the both don’t care about civilians. And after 4 years of war you are left with no feelings, only to stay alive will be your thought.  Avoid battles and getting drafted for either sides and after a while you realize that you must flee the country, and refuge, which will be my next step the situation here is unbearable.

As for ISIS it presence is real, and now they are 10 KM far from Damascus city. When the US brags about air strikes Syrian ISIS along with the desert nomads from Saudi and other Arab countries I feel the meaning of the classic USA politics : Problem – reaction – solution.

ISIS appearance was clearly Hollywood style.  I mean come on they took massive areas from Syria and Iraq in a matter of a week?  This is impossible with out huge financing from USA and its allies, and the support of the CIA.  So i am sure that war on ISIS is play.

How are things now?  Here in Damascus City, you can add any outage you want because we have it.




water some times

Me:  And I guess that the prices have all gone up too?

Rami:  Inflation rates are high, the exchange rate of USD against Syrian pound was 50 not its 275.  US sanctions are making it difficult to obtain goods.  US is really fighting the people with those sanctions.  Plus the government is getting all the weapons needed from IRAN and Russia.  The sanction of United States are the most difficult, noting that all the EU and golf countries have joined the sanctions.  By the way I am an auditor work for Ernst and Young.

Me:  Ok great, can you tell me, isn’t it a bit hypocritical that the USA claims now they are trying to help Syria, but at the same time they won’t lift the sanctions?

Rami:  Sure thing, the United States wants to break a country from the out side and the inside.  From the out side you fund and train militias that are capable of crippling the army.  From the inside you create a social disorder by scarcity of resources, and that works well because the government is originally corrupt, some times you see huge changes resulted from assassinations to key persons in it.  Currently people are hoping that Iran negotiations will result in some sort of solution but i think no, the US beast is not going to be satisfied unless there is another bloody war

Me:  Do you think the ‘Greater Israel Project” has anything to do with this attack on Syria?

Rami:  Well its not the geographical aspect of it, but the financial aspect is true, lets not forget that the federal reserve is owned by jews, they will fund every means possible to gain control over resources, and further more to keep dominating the world economy.  Making USD prevailing currency.  My experience has taught me that there is no such thing as a genocide nor a war on Islam, they are all a front cover for a political agenda but when you divide people based on their religion and race you can create and fund wars easily.  So Israel as a stand alone entity is not material, but its important as a froward base of operations.

You know some times I wish I knew a lot of people from the #friendbomb on facebook before this crisis because I would have invited you to see Syria,

it was a magical place.  By the way you may indicate that I hate both government and opposition, they are both killers, and none of them will provide happy ending for people.

Me:  Yes, sure, do you want to tell me a little bit about Syria, life in Syria, before all this chaos?

Rami:  Well … I don’t know where to start…When you are born in Syria there is something really comes part of you, like wired in your senses, the smell of its dirt when it rains, the habits of its people weather they are good or bad.  Syria teaches you in a very surprising way that beauty lies within.  You can go the the most expensive places you find something nice, but then again you go to Kassab and the Mountain of Chalma and you see peacefully abandoned places that are far more beautiful that you have ever seen, it’s like a piece of earth just lost in time.

(Photos:  Kassab Pre-War Sent to me by Rami)

When you walk in Damascus city you can see modern buildings and traffic jams city noise, but when you walk to the ancient city its like you traveled in time, especially when you see Damascus castle, Omayyad mosque and their great walls.  They go deep in history as far as 10,000 years

They hold so much history they have seen it all throughout those years, before Islam before any religion ever existed, and yet the remain standing tall because of this Damascus is the most ancient city in the world.  And the secret of its existence, is beyond anybody holding a guns comprehension.

The photos I sent you of Kassab?  I know its sad, but the area now is a military zone with active battles in it…

Me:  I found some photos online, very sobering.

Rami:  I didn’t want to send photos of destruction because I am sure that some day this city or even the reign will live in peace, which have been missing for a long time.

Rami and Friends enjoying Kassab before the fighting took over the area. 

 I hope after reading these personal accounts, you have a broader view on the true situation in Syria.  These gentlemen are very brave to allow me to share their stories around the world.  If you would like to connect with any of these men, I have these interviews, and their facebook profiles https://www.facebook.com/notes/lyndsay-werbecky/syria-truth-from-friends-who-live-there/10152150144861903?hc_location=uf