by Sahar Abdallah


Damascus is all smiles today as the Syrian Arab Army achieves two massive victories. The suburbs of Al-Hamah and Al-Qudisyah officially fell under government control after 1,200 some odd terrorists surrendered and are heading for Idleb. The civilians of these areas played an integral role in assisting the SAA drive the mercenaries out from their midst, a beautiful proof of the deep-rooted bond between the Syrian people and their national armed forces. And then perhaps in an even bigger battlefield development, the SAA and its allies liberated the strategic West Ghouta town of Deir Khabiyeh. This finalizes the encirclement of the remaining six regions in West Ghouta held by the “jihadists” and brings Resistance forces one step closer to cleansing both the capital and its countryside completely of Empire-backed Wahhabi invaders. From Damasucs to Aleppo, Hama to Daraa and beyond, there isn’t an area of Syria where…

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