by Sahar Abdallah


Disgusting. The Turkish-backed “rebels” capturing Dabiq in northern Aleppo is being depicted as some sort of a huge victory in the mainstream media. In reality however, this so-called “liberation” is nothing more than the replacement of one group of terrorists (Daesh) with another (FSA). And what about the Turkish army’s vicious assault on the nearby villages of Sourkeh and Deir Ballout, where scores of Syrians, mainly women and children, are being ethnically cleansed from their lands in Turkish shelling attacks? Of course zero MSM mention of these heartbreaking atrocities. Beyond a mere flagrant violation of Syria’s sovereignty, Turkey’s ongoing expansionist onslaught is part and parcel of nearly 6 years of aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic. We don’t call Erdogan “the butcher” for nothing.

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