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First direct lengthy phone call with E #Aleppo civilian.

Stated that 90% of all residents ready to leave immediately if armed groups allow
Armed groups mostly Syrian. Jabha Al Shamiye, Zanki & Nusra dominate. Won’t allow a single civilian anywhere near a checkpoint.

At least 2 money transfer offices in operation. Its how he survived with his children depositing $ in Turkey and he picks up Syrian pounds

For those without access to wire transfers, situation is dire. Prices of food & daily staples continue to rise due to the tight siege

Cooking Gas Cylinder = Syp 60k. Pack of al hamraa cigarettes = Syp 12k with people having to do with buying a single cigarettes for Syp 700

He tried to bribe a fighter with Syp 100k. He was told it was impossible. Many fighters themselves ready to leave but for their leaders

What is the solution i ask: “The @UN busses should come inside and force the armed groups to evacuate us”

If @UN does not evacuate them, he & others see no other choice but for #SyrianArmy to move in.

Contact has been reluctant to talk directly. He is long term resident of E #Aleppo . Claims hardly any civilians are blaming #SyrianArmy
Do you consider yourself a human shield ? “Yes, yes Of course”.

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