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589 Officials in Damascus have expressed their fury at the bombings of Kurdish militias in northern Syria on Thursday morning by the Turkish air force. They have also warned that they will intervene if the Turkish authorities act to send more war planes across the Syrian border.

In a statement, officials from the Syrian Defence Ministry has accused Turkey of ‘flagrant aggression’ and claimed that they ‘targeted innocent civilians’. They made it very clear that they would no longer tolerate breaches in Syrian airspace by the Turkish and threatened to shoot the planes from the air if they were found to be in violation of Syrian territory ever again. They have referred to Turkey’s actions as dangerous and claim that their assault on the Kurdish people of Syria threatens to disrupt the stability of the entire region.


At this current time, it is not clear how many Kurdish civilians were killed during the Turkish assault on their base. Various reports have placed the number of casualties at anywhere between fifteen and two hundred. However, no matter the number killed this latest attack with surely sour the already enormously tense relations between Kurds in northern Syria and the Turkish government.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Turkey has adopted any measure possible to hinder and destroy the Kurdish operation in the north of the country. This has included arming opposition groups such as the Islamic fundamentalist organization Al-Nusra who would later form an alliance with Islamic State. Naturally, this development incurred the wrath not only of the Kurdish people but also of the Syrian government itself.

Following the reports, the United States has distanced itself from the Turkish airstrikes. A State Department spokesperson named John Kirby has confirmed that the military of the United States was not involved in the attack on the Kurdish people and advised America’s allies that they should not be embarking on military excursions without first informing their allies in the region. He said that actions such as this could only be of the benefit to Islamic State.

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