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May we remind you of the threats by the FSA to the West back in 2012.

The group of terrorists founded a funded by the US and now called ‘moderate’ by Obama as an excuse to continue to fund and arm them.

Each of these butchers get paid wages and are killing for no other reason, than they are getting paid to do so. The are mercenaries of the US, that has given the appetite for killing and when the time comes when they will no longer be paid, they will come after you.

There is no way of controlling the monsters you have created and leased on the world and the world will hold the US responsible for this.

The FSA threatened to use chemical weapons long before any chemical weapon attacks. Obama dismisses this fact and continues to support these monsters. We now know that Hillary Clinton authorised sending them chemical weapons.

FSA Killing University Students on Day of Exams

FSA Throw Postal workers off the roof.


So much evidence of these butchers from all over the world who were called to fight Jihad in Syria by the Western media and funded by the US.

This is just a small  example of the crimes of the FSA which in the USA means ‘moderate’. The US is responsible for the deaths in Syria and the killing will continue unless Hillary Clinton is stopped and these warmongers are tried for their Crimes against Humanity.