by Sahar Abdallah


Game-changing, long-awaited offensive is set to be launched in the southern Aleppo countryside: Hizbullah and the Syrian Arab Army prepare to launch a large-scale operation to regain Khan Touman, Al-Eiss and Al-Zerbeh, which were lost months ago after intense fighting with terrorist forces. The liberation of these three ultra-strategic regions will restore full Syrian government control over the M-5 (Damascus-Aleppo) Highway and leave the Turkish-backed “jihadist” gangs, like their defeated brethren in east Halab, with two options: surrender or elimination. The total liberation of Aleppo City is so close our men can taste it. Even the Neo-Ottomans themselves are cognizant of the impending doom their proxies face, as one Turkish official told the Washington Post yesterday: “If Aleppo ‘falls’, Assad wins.” Damn right!

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