by Sahar Abdallah


There is a very simple rule to adhere to when following coverage on Syria: Don’t believe anything that originates with the “Syrian” Observatory and the US-UK-funded White Helmets.

Case in point: It was these two corrupt instruments for “regime change” that reported Russian/Syrian air strikes hit a school in Idleb, killing 22 children and 6 teachers, in spite of the fact that another opposition outlet, the Idleb Media Center, noted a rocket hit the school, which indicates “rebel” involvement. Needless to say, Russia has categorically denied the accusations. This hasn’t stopped the mainstream Western press from running with the lie however and regurgitating it as if it was a certified fact.

And in the final analysis, know what the MSM, the White Helmets and the “Syrian” Observatory ***didn’t*** report on today? Imperialist-backed “moderate” rebels shelling the National (al-Wataniyeh) School in Aleppo, murdering at least 6 children

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