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Survivors of an attack taken place between militant groups and army troops in a residential neighborhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, look in shock at the scene of the attack.

file photo of Aleppo

ALEPPO, SYRIA (1:05 A.M.) – A leaked video from rebel-held east Aleppo was released by pro-government supporters on Tuesday, showing the daily life of local civilians in these besieged areas.

This leaked video also showed militants demanding 150k Syrian Pounds ($300 U.S.) from local civilians in order to leave the besieged neighbourhoods of east Aleppo.

Due to economic hardships, the overwhelming majority of civilians in east Aleppo do not possess the financial means to pay this fee to leave the area.

The Syrian Opposition and U.S. State Department have recently accused the Syrian Government and their Russian allies of blocking aid to east Aleppo, despite repeated attempts to deliver supplies to these areas.

An estimated 50,000-250,000 civilians still remain in east Aleppo, as the war in the city intensifies between the jihadist rebels and government forces.