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Latest news

from Eva Bartlett

Terrorist attacks on various areas of Aleppo today, including New Aleppo, Hamdaniyeh, and Mouchir, in an area about 70 metres from where I was an hour prior to attacks on that area today.

The latest report is that 16 civilians were murdered today (including at least 4 children—as of the count of 12 murdered, 4 were children) and over 200 civilians injured in the numerous Grad rockets, mortars, double car bomb, and explosive bullet attacks all over Aleppo today.

At al-Razi hospital, the seriously wounded rolled in, with leg and head injuries, shrapnel injuries. Dr. Mohammed Batikh, director of Razi, said (before all of the injured had been brought in) that two boys are in ICU with shrapnel in their skull and stomach, examples of injuries which may later increase the death count.

While at the morgue around the corner, two corpses came in delivered by a pickup truck, a car, one body headless…

A woman whose husband was murdered in one of today’s attacks (during the half hour I was there, sobbed continuously. An elderly woman fell on the ground shrieking in her grief.

Outside the morgue, a 14 year old boy said his father was killed yesterday and his mother today, in New Aleppo. A man said his 10 year old nephew, was killed by terrorist sniping, shot in his head when the boy was on his roof. The man’s good friend Iymen was killed in one of the attacks today, shrapnel in his chest.

An anguished man outside the morgue, who has been many times displaced and had many family members and friends murdered by terrorist attacks called on the army to finish off the terrorists.

A young man (24) near the hospital said he has 73 relatives trapped in east Aleppo who have tried to leave but are prevented by Western-backed “moderate” terrorists of Ahrar al-Sham and Nour eldin Zenki from leaving. They want to try again.

Residents say what I’ve heard before: this happens daily.

A full report to follow shortly.

*Disturbing images (tormented woman mourning murder of her husband; two corpses brought in to the morgue). Was trying to upload video, but net too weak–please note this. A few photos for now. R.I.P. the martyrs). Syrians can’t censor their brutal reality under terrorists’ bombs, nor will I.